Day 5

Song: A Devil Between Us by Diplo

Svent: VILF~ Vampire smut: patchouli-infused honey, red musk, red sandalwood, red ginger, pink pepper, Peru balsam, dark Eastern florals, Himalayan cedar, smoky vanilla, bitter clove, and leather.

Last day it was strange because it seemed like I had been there for years yet no long enough at all. That morning I had to go see if I could book another night in my room. I almost wasn’t able to the motel was pretty full. But they did some moving around and I was able to stay there for another night for an extra $85. Yeah because I’m rolling in cash! Matt came to get most of my stuff since I wasn’t sure how much room Anne had in her car and it was sort of last minute I didn’t want to be too much of a burden. Matt showed up at 9am and was uber stand off-ish to me he took most of my stuff and when I told him that I’m very lucky I could stay at the motel because it was pretty full he just shrugged. Honestly it left me in a pretty pissy mood before the heading to Datura.

But while I was heading to Datura I was texting my best friend and as I was heading to to the studio a butterfly brushed past my right ankle. And the Butterfly symbolizes many, many things like:  transition, dance, celebration, Soul,  passionate bonds,  and grace and eloquence. Just to name a few. So really that left me pretty hopeful for that day. Maybe not “pepped” but hopeful and got me out of my pissy mood. So while getting ready to go into the last day, the test day it was pretty good.

During morning check in I started I was hopeful and why. My poor “Happy” was so worried about the test since her English isn’t that good. That day it was also getting very very warm.

That day was really kind of a blur. I remember that we started doing call and response with the motifs we worked on the day before. Then there was an hour break before THE TEST. It was 14 questions 10 written and 4 demonstration. After all was said and done we all had to leave Datura so they could set up for the party.

As I was walking to the party after my shower and rest I ran into Allie who said I smelled really good. Pf course I did I smelled like Vampire Smut why wouldn’t I smell good? Then we got to the party and Lacy said someone smelled really good and Rachel’s comment was “It’s probably Em” yup because I smelled like vampire smut! After a little bit Happy told me that Rachel said she passed so I had to know if I did or not.

So we all circled around for the last time. Sol told us all to get a beer. Rachel said that not everyone got 100% on the test but we all  passed. Then she put on the Linus and Lucy song for our victory dance. It was so much fun. I think I had 3 ‘glasses’ of wine. And we all had to leave about 11pm. Sad but understandable. So I walked back to the motel and passed so I could get up and Anne could take me home.

That was the end of a life changing week. Well only 5 days but still. Life changing all the same. Getting back to the real world had been strange but that’s another post.


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