Just Struff


Song: Crushed by Collide


Scent: Bordello~ A decadent, deep perfume, lusty and luxuriant. The scent evokes images of velvet-lined Old West cathouses, tightly laced corsets, rustling petticoats and coquettish snarls of pleasure. Bawdy plum with amaretto, burgundy wine and black currant.


Alright I’ve been in the real world a week so I think I’m fairly adjusted back from the amazing blissfulness that was Datura. I have held off updating in depth just to make sure I wasn’t being a crazy bitch about anything.

As it turns out I’m not! Yes Matt confessed that the reason he said he couldn’t get me on Sunday was he really just didn’t want to. Thankfully I had Anne and Molly. Then I get home and into my room and my computer and I find ut that someone’s been using my computer because I wasn’t the one visiting “Lustful games” at 11pm on Tuesday the 19th of July. Also he forgot to log out of Facebook so when I got home it logged into Matt’s facebook account. And to my shock and horror, he was getting in touch with a ton of his old ex’s and he was telling them things like “I’m a free man” and “yes I’m getting a divorce so I can finally be my ‘true’ self” well that was a huge slap in the face.

 And apparently while I was gone he was ‘hanging out’ with a lot of his ex’s. This explains why there were no dishes done the while I was gone and we were starting to get flies. But for someone not being there that often there were a ton of empty Dr. Pepper and coke bottles around the couch. I guess the cats went on a soda binge while I was gone.

 So I’ve been looking for new places to live and roommates that will allow pets. As much as I hate to we are going to have to split up the pets. I would take Ghost and Spooky because they have been together all their lives and I honestly think Spooky would handle being away from Matt easier than Ghost would being away from me.

  So on I started looking I found a place on Craigslist that’s like $250 a month and allows pets.    And a place on Uloop that’s a 23 year old female looking for a female roommate. Little did I know that Matt was already looking up places and he didn’t care if they allowed pets or not. He found a 1 bedroom for $400-something that doesn’t allow pets.  

 We both took a look at the house that’s $250 a month. I mean it wasn’t that bad but not really where I would want to live for two years. So I am hoping things work out with the girl on Thursday. So I suggested Matt should take the room. And he is still wanting to go to the $400 place and just “find other places” for Dante and Kismet to live.

 That totally pissed me off I can understand not wanting to live in that house it really wasn’t all that appealing but when not keep looking for a place that WILL allow you to have pets? Nope he doesn’t want to because he’s a huge ass it seems. So I’m looking wherever I can for a place that will allow ALL my pets as Matt would rather give them up then really look harder for a place that allows pets.

 For me being an ass to me I don’t really care but telling me that you don’t want to take care of the pets? That’s just crossing a line with me. And the only reason I can see for Matt wanting to live ‘alone’  is so his mom can come over and clean while he’s doing ‘other things’ for crying out loud he hasn’t even really started looking for another job and owes me $158 in rent. Oh well they are my babies and I won’t abandon them.



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