*Head Desk* Don’t Annoy the Crazy Person

Song: Beautiful Loser by William Control

Scent:  NIGHT-GAUNTTheir scent of their slick, rubbery hides is bittersweet, ticklish, and skin-creeping: something akin to yuzu, white grapefruit, and kumquat mixed with the snow-dusted flowers of Mount Ngranek.

Warning this post will bounce

Really World REALLY!?! I still haven’t heard back from the Rachel about the room. So my anxieties are bounding off my in my head at the moment. And I haven’t heard from Adam if there is a place open where Richard and Ellen use to live.

See that would have been fine but Matt tells me today that he’s emailed our landlord and given our 30 notice!?! Really he didn’t talk to me. And when I brought up the fact he didn’t talk to me he gets rather defensive. I am annoyed as where the fuck am I going to live I haven’t heard back from ANY place I have started looking and now I have to be packed up and gone within 30 days? That’s great!! And all I get in return is Matt telling me he needs to move out for HIS own health. What about MY health you Fucking mamas boy?!?

I have been trying to give you space, even when that space was our living-room. I’ve been doing your laundry and willing to take the pets as your lazy ass can’t even feed the Guinea Pig that lives in your room Poor Dante! I went in there today to go through books and Dante had no food.

Yes this is an nu-medicated annoyed crazy person here.

So today after getting out of my Doc office where she piled me with free samples but which wasn’t either of my meds and there’s no was a drug plan will cover it I got to go on a drug store scavenger hunt to see where I could find mine cheaper. Went to target and we can get my Celexa generic for $10 for 3 months. Not $15 a month.  And my Bupropion for $36 a month instead of $150. I can deal with that.  Burt yet I can’t afford to pic them up this month because I have $60 in my account. Yet Matt can eat out and buy the new Hary Dresden book in hard back and still owe me $100 for rent.

So after leaving Target Matt tells me “I need to get out of that place for me health”  when I bring up the fact I have NO set place to live yet and that he should have really talked to be nefore doing that I get.  “I’m sorry I haven’t been repayable while going through this emotional roller-coaster”  Really!?! Who’s the nu-medicate crazy person who’s been trying to give you space, and walking on egg shells around you? Yet I still seem to be able to handle my job, without breaking down in to tears, fucking hard but I can. I do my house work in the place we still live because it needs to get done. He makes it seem like he is the only one dealing with this shit. Because when he’s not working he’s reading or watching movies, using my checking account to buy movies ion his PS3. And when I get home he runs off the the computer lab on campus.

Oh I hope I find a new place to live soon. Adam said he’s waiting to hear from his wife and I still have heard nothing from Rachel.


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