Song: Noir by William Control

Scent: Cheshire Moon~ A lunatic’s blend of lunar herbs and blossoms, with lemongrass, guava, pink grapefruit, banyan fruit, hibiscus, and cherry blossom.


Soon I will be moving most of my stuff into my new place with my new roommate.  Her name is Rachel, she is a 20 year old early ed student at WOU. I met her by looking up “Roommates near WOU”. We really hit it off well I was happy. We are kinda in the same boat at the moment. She just broke up with her boyfriend and couldn’t afford rent and I well you know.  She likes to cook, plays video games so she is at least semi-nerd which is good for me, and she likes tea and cheese. She even showed me her favorite mug that I much say was pretty wonderful.

She even helped me put my desk together yesterday which was cool. On Wednesday I have a group of people coming over to help take my, bed, dresser, coffin, dining table and maybe bookshelf over to my new place.  See how and where everything will fit in my room then I can judge what stuff I really want to bring and have room for and what stuff will go into my parents basement till I have a place to display them all again. I think my bed will take up most of my room. And well I am alright with that.

But I mean I am really excited for this. New friend, new place to live, new life.  So exciting. Just remember In Dolore Voluptas. I am finally getting and finding the pleasure in all the pain I have been having.

So I must now scamper off and work on cleaning my room! Already have a box in there for things I don’t need/want.

Plus a Halfa tonight at Datura. Even more pleasure and sleeping on the couch for the last two days has been a pain. But the pain will be worth the pleasure in the end.



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